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(no subject) [Mar. 1st, 2007|05:55 pm]
Hey Hana, I started on that song, er... y'know, it's just a start, but I thought it was ok.  I'll see if I can finish it before next year haha ;)  The second bit I think i'll use as the chorus.

Black Paper Hearts

Walkin' the pavement of this downtrodden town
Just another day
Reds and Pinks so out of place in the streets
against a sky of gray
Thinking of you and it all disappears
why couldn't you stay?

Cutting through it all on a canvas of black
Wishing I could find you, bring you back.
These black paper hearts for a long gone Valentine
If I could have my way, baby I'd turn back time

What do ya think... too much?  I thought maybe something with an acoustic would be good... maybe some piano, but I don't know anyone who plays... I could hum out the melody or something I guess... Eh, anyway, just a little ditty... whatever you wanna call it.

Ah!  And don't worry Hinata, I didn't forget about you either!  I'll have that song ready ok?  Saturday night, right?  I can't wait!
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(no subject) [Feb. 12th, 2007|06:20 pm]
A lady left me a twenty-dollar tip today!  Can you believe it?  I think she said I reminded her of her son.  ...she also thought I was only sixteen.  I don't look THAT young!  But if admitting it to some lady means getting a tip like that, well, I guess it's ok.  People seem to get more generous around the holidays.  Not that I'm complaining.  I just thought most of that kindness woulda disappeared around the same time as their first big credit card bill from the holiday spending arrived. 

Oh yeah, I was gonna mention that!  I got upped from busboy to an actual server now!  So I won't be scraping the pennies off the pavement just to make the rent.  The only thing that sucks is being nice to the people who you really just yell at.  You hear all kinds of conversations and stuff, some good, some bad.  At least it's interesting I guess.  I really should be looking harder for a gig somewhere though.  It's easy to forget when things get busy and all you wanna do is sleep. 
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(no subject) [Feb. 5th, 2007|11:08 am]
I can't believe the big "V-Day" is like... less than 2 weeks away.  I can't even like... remember the last time I had a date, let alone for Valentine's.  It'd be romantic, right?  Man... if I had a girlfriend then like... she'd bake me cookies... I'd get her flowers... take her out for a nice dinner and after?  I'd sing her a song I'd written just for her.  It'd be nice to have someone I can just like... hang out and feel comfortable with, right?  Haha... you guys must think I'm a total sap huh.  But isn't that what people do on Valentine's day?  Sappy stuff for the people they like?  Gotta let loose and be a geek about it at least once a year, right?

ANYWAY... unless I meet the gal of my dreams in the next couple weeks, maybe we should plan that uh... what is it, Single's Awareness Day party?  Someone told me that movie "Down With Love" was really good, especially for a dateless Valentine's.  Any takers? 
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(no subject) [Jan. 28th, 2007|09:22 pm]
New Years has been a bumpy ride, yeah?  Got our ups and downs, but it'll be ok afterall, right?  It's always hard when people leave, but I know I'm not the only one that's gonna miss people, so like... it'll be ok.  Hmm... I started taking a class this semester.  Like... just one though, cuz I'm not good at the Gen ED stuff.  So It's a music class, totally.  Like... I know how to play n' read and stuff, but this is one of those uh... theory classes.  It's crazy dude!  I had no idea there was so much to writing music.  I mean... I write lyrics and stuff all the time... and like... I think of songs to go with it in my head sometimes, but nothing complicated.  Crazy stuff dude.

Anyway... not a lot of snow lately huh.  Kinda sad.  It's just like... way cold.  You'd think we could at least get some nice snow around here, but it's all gross and slushy in the streets.  Bleh.  Well, at least the job is going good.

Hey uh... Hinata, Rukia, if it doesn't snow, you guys wanna just catch a movie instead?  Or maybe like, we could do one of those cartoon marathons everyone keeps wanting to do.  Whatever is fine with me, I just like to hang out, right?  Anyway, hope the rest of you are havin' a cool new year.
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(no subject) [Jan. 10th, 2007|10:28 am]

So did everyone have a good holiday? I got soooo much cool stuff! Thanks so much you guys! I totally had a great time! Chouji, your cooking was off the hook!! I'm gonna have to come and visit more often! And Sakuraaaa I love the shirt!! ♥  I've worn it almost every day for a week now!  Hinata!  That was such a BLAST going sledding!  We should hang out more often, it was so much fun! :)  Thanks for cominig!

So like, did everyone make new year's resolutions?  Here's mine!

I resolve to:

* Get to know more people here at Lysgar. And make Sasuke get to know them better too!

* Go to at least one audition a month

* Write at least one new song every month

* Watch more CARTOONS (We have to do another marathon you guys!  That was great!  Maybe Ninja Turtles or Biker Mice from Mars next time!)

* Not take myself too seriously!  haha, not like I have a lot of trouble with this one, but I thought I'd list it anyway, just so I know I'll get at least one of these, right? ;)

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(no subject) [Dec. 10th, 2006|11:48 pm]
So guess what!  I got a job!  You know it baby!  Thanks a TON Kin!  I totally owe ya one, right?!  Just name it!  It's pretty fun, well, it's not too hard and it's one of those uh, like nicer kinda restaurants, so people actually leave tips and stuff.  Not that I see a lot of it since I just bus the tables, but y'never know, maybe they'll see how wicked-awesome I am and promote me to a waiter-type job?  I could totally do that. 

Anyway... who all is staying here for the holidays?  Chouji I know for sure cuz I'm totally goin' to that food-fest he's havin'.  Makes my stomach growl just thinking of it!  Who else was there... Ishida, right?  The sleepy guy!  Sasuke, are you staying or going?  If you're going, I'm totally raiding your dvds dude, it'll be booooring! 

Hinata!  The forecast says it's gonna snow this week!  My shift ends kinda late too, so it's perfect, right?  I'm gonna go check around and see if I can get some cheap innertubes or some of those round plastic sleds.  I'm stoked just thinkin' about it!  I haven't gone sledding in FOREVER!  It's gonna ROCK.
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(no subject) [Nov. 27th, 2006|11:20 am]
Okay!  So like, how was everyone's Turkey Day?  Dude, can you believe how close it is to Christmas?  Have you all been good kiddies this year?  Santa only visits good boys and girls!  ;) 

Hinata!  Ino!  When are you guys gonna come watch Transformers?  I'm dyin' here!  Not that I like... haven't watched it a buncha times already, but it's more fun with a group, yeah?  I got the movie, who's bringin' popcorn? 

So what's everyone doing for Christmas?  Or um... Chaun... Han... um... that holiday with the spinning tops and candles and um... stuff.  All those other um... winter... holidays... whatever they're called. 

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(no subject) [Nov. 13th, 2006|06:33 pm]
Haha!  Thanks for comin' to the party guys!  Feels like I'm back home again, fo'reals!  And those that didn't come... pff losers!  WHat's the deal?!  Where's the love man?  Shika had an excuse, but I dunno what the rest of you are schemin'... bah!  I'll just have to like, come visit you guys personally or somethin'.   Betcha wish you'd come now!  Hahaha! 

Oh yeah... anyone know a good place that's hiring?  I made a pretty penny on that tour, but I wanna get some stuff saved up so i'm not pinching pennies later.  Any tips are welcome!
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Believe it! [Oct. 23rd, 2006|11:33 pm]
I'm back baby!  So who's up for a little PAR-TAY?!  I totally think we should do like... a combined "Welcome back Naruto/Halloween Party" kinda thing!  Halloween is one of the COOLEST holidays IN THE WORLD anyway!  Plus orange is like, my favorite color EVER.  It stands out no matter what!  Well, unless you're in a pumpkin patch or something, right? 

So who's up for it?!  What kinda party plans we got already?  Wanna do a combo?  I'll bring the chips!  What's everyone like?  And we GOTTA make it a costume party!  It'll be STELLAR you guys!  Off the HOOK!  Nobody better copy my costume though! D:  No schemin' on my flava! 

So didja guys miss me?!  Didja!?  Didja?!  The tour was wicked-fun, but I am SOOOOoooooooooooo glad to be back!  I wonder if it'll be that awesome when I'M the one going on tour instead of just one of the go-to guys, right?  You guys'll come to my concerts then huh!  I'll give ya backstage passes and you can say you knew me way back when ;)  Hehe.  Seriously though guys.  Halloween.  You.  Me.  Par-tay!!!!!!! 
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(no subject) [Oct. 3rd, 2006|09:12 am]
Yeah, s'right, I'm still around baby!  You guys get a big ol' post from me cuz I know how much ya'll have missed me, yeah?  We're out in St. Paul, that's Minnesota yo!  (just in case any of you guys are as bad with your state capitols as I am! ;) )  Anyway!  How's everyone been?  The weather out here isn't too bad and there's only 3 weeks left of the tour.  I better get a killer welcome back party!  Believe it!  It'll be right by halloween, so maybe we can do a costumed welcome back party?!  That'd be killer, i mean, totally WICKED!  I would love you guys forever!  What's everyone going as this year?  We should do, like... a Superhero theme!  or maybe, have you guys seen that tv show "lost"?  I get to sit around on the busses for hours at a time and some dude brought the first season.  Why are there Polar Bears on the island?!  It's pretty cool and the costumes would be like, way easy.  I could totally be like... Sawyer or the Doc or somethin' yeah?  I got the rugged good looks for somethin' like that!  Dunno if I could grow the stubble though... 

So anyway, St. Paul is pretty cool.  It has a decent night life, lots of brass bands, though, not much hard rock.  Did you know the city was like... named after an actual saint?  There's this nifty cathedral there.  I was gonna take pictures, but people got all upset when I tried.  Said I was bein' disrespectful and noisy or somethin'... anyway, it was pretty cool.  Lots of statues and that artsy stuff that's fun to look at, even if I don't get it.  They also had a children's museum!  Man that takes me back.  I haven't been in one of those since the old days at the Y.  So I figured, y'know, why not?  I had a day off to kill, right?  The 'net cafe's here keep pretty late hours, so I spent the day doin' what I wanted!  I know, you guys are totally thinkin' "The words Naruto and Museum don't go together in the same sentence."  But that kinda place can keep even MY attention for a couple hours.  They had live turtles and DUUUUUDE, on the roof, they had an outdoor playground that was like a giant treehouse! O_O  I want to live in a place like that someday!  That'd be like, my DREAM HOUSE!  Totally WICKED. 

Mm... what else... I've been writing and stuff, tryin' to get some songs put together.  Gah!  I'm way too embarassed to post the lyrics for everyone, it's still a work in progress!  Maybe later, yeah?  Somethin' close to my heart and all that...  Or maybe I'll just post one of those nonsense songs that're just fun to jam out to.  Anyway, peace out ya'll!  I'll be back soon, don't you worry! ;)

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